All job seekers need to realize that getting hired is a game of strategy  but most players come to the battlefield severely unequipped.

There’s more to getting hired than just sending in an application. Our modern hiring industry uses technology to select candidates, so we can use both psychological and technical strategies.

Here are some methods:

➡️Your resume must be tweaked to match the JD –

ATS Software (an applicant tracking system) is used by 90% of companies to prescreen candidates. ATS is fed the job description and it then scans every application for matching keywords, strings & synonyms. Your resume should be tailored to match the exact same skills, qualifications, and industry keywords that the job post calls for along with the listed years of experience, to get called for an interview.

➡️Your resume should look like the job vacancy was written for you

Often, people believe job postings are just there to inform you about new openings at a company, but in reality, they are your key to a new job. The job description is a treasure map that spells out word for word what should be on your resume in order to make it to the interview.

➡️Your resume must both aesthetically & content-wise appeal to the reader

Job seekers should use this subconscious process to position themselves as qualified for the roles that they apply to. Your resume acts as your own marketing document. It has to be written to attract, appeal and be easy to scan.

➡️Use resume assertion sections in the correct order as the JD

Correct the formatting with your margins and style and copy Resume Assertion Sections that reflect the same information as the job vacancy announcement. Your resume will stand out among the sea of applicants, but more importantly, the Hiring Manager will find your resume qualified for the open position in 6-7 seconds.

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