After going through many resumes, I want to share what I learned in hopes that it helps more people get their dream jobs. The biggest realization I had was that we often diminish our abilities because we stop strategically thinking. This is because we stop keeping the psychology of the reader of our resume in mind.


One way to gain a recruiter’s attention is to show them what you are capable of and that too in absolutes.

On your resume, you must show your accomplishments in numbers, not just in words.  It’s such an easy way to distinguish yourself since one very few people do this and two it will add credibility to your impact.


Ask yourself questions such as: how much money did you manage? How many people attended your last event? How many views did your promotional video have? How did you increase efficiency with process changes? How many manhours did you save with digitisation/ automation or general optimisation?


Greek philosopher Aristotle taught three pillars of effective persuasion: ethos, pathos, and logos. He believed most in the power of logos, which means persuading others using logic, evidence, and facts. By quantifying your impact, you’re doing exactly that. You’re providing evidence to underscore the significance of your accomplishments.


❎Managed a budget to plan large-scale events for students

✅Managed $12,000 budget to plan large-scale events for 2,500 students

❎Compiled a pitch deck for buyout of an automotive company

✅Compiled a 44-page pitch deck for the acquisition of a $53 million automotive company

❎Wrote articles on entrepreneurship and technology

✅Wrote 8 articles on entrepreneurship and technology, generating 107,000 page views, 8,003 likes, and 3,723 tweets

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