Surveys have proved that on average a recruiter spends less than 10 seconds to scan a resume and determine whether they need to read further or not.  You have such little time to impress a recruiter, so every word counts on your resume. Because of this, it is crucial to carefully decide what terms go on your resume and what are better left off.

Here are some pointers to help you:

?Identify key industry-relevant keywords, technical terms, etc. from the job posting and sprinkle them across your resume.

?Avoid too many fluff words, like highly efficient, passionate, dedicated, hardworking, go-getter, team player, etc.

?Trash the weak action words like Responsible for, duties included, involved in or assisted with, etc.

?Use powerful action verbs such as Directed, Mentored Facilitated, Launched Cultivated, Represented, Designed, Developed, Shaped, Conceptualized, Oversaw, etc.

?Take pride in your accomplishments. Don’t worry about sounding like you’re bragging, brag but do it subtly by using action verbs instead of straight buzz or fluff words.

?Your resume serves as a platform to display your professional achievements, to demonstrate that you are talented, capable, and eager to take on new challenges.

?When you use action verbs in your resume, you switch from passive to active voice. As you can imagine, active voice captures readers’ attention and compels hiring managers, recruiters, and potential employers to pay attention.

?Remember your LinkedIn profile needs action verbs and industry-relevant keywords too!

?Quantify results because your experience may not matter in the eyes of a hiring manager if you don’t have anything tangible to show. 

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