Why are Resumes so Important!

Job Seekers always tell me:

? Do I really need a resume, why is it so important?
?You say that recruiters take 6 seconds to shortlist, why do I need to spend so much time and effort making a resume, then?
? It’s just a list of facts, meet me to know me, I am more than a 1 or 2-page paper. etc.

I know I am sounding astonished ? but I really am!
During my entire career of more than a decade as an HR, I never met a candidate without a resume even if he was referred by the head of the company or a high net worth client.

Resumes are relevant irrespective of whether one is applying for an internship as a fresher or campus placements or for lateral job-seekers, internal transfers, secondments, IJP’s or being deputed or outsourced to a client location or even while applying for overseas education.

Yes, people take time and READ your resume completely after you passed the 6 second shortlist test …. it helps the hiring managers to make crucial hiring and role fitment decisions about you and has the power to open doors for you.

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