How to Make a Career Change Resume.

Making a career switch or transitioning into a different career path can be exciting and daunting at the same time. The toughest aspect is to be able to get your resume shortlisted and convince the recruiter to call you for the interview.

Your resume should be able to show recruiters how your existing skills, knowledge, and experience will translate to the new position and how your transferable skills will add value.

Here are some tips for writing a career change resume:

? Your resume, cover letter, and social profiles such as LinkedIn should all talk the same language.

? You should be able to convey confidently about your ability to transition to a new role.

? Talk about your unique quality or experience that can value add to the new company.

? Specifically, state your interest in the role and talk about how your past experience will add value.

? Highlight all your transferable skills.

? Use a hybrid resume format highlighting skills over your work experience that isn’t so relevant to this new position.

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