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What should you be careful about while accepting a new employment offer and moving jobs?

So a friend recently asked me ‘What should you be careful about while accepting a new employment offer and moving jobs’

This is rather relevant today, the job market is bruised and some businesses are leveraging this situation and are creating manipulative job offers in the market. So here is a list of things to check, know or ask before accepting an offer with any company:

  1. Work Culture – Google it you will get the answers, else just get hold of any existing employee and ask.
  2. The people – You can discover a lot about the environment by evaluating the recruitment process and while your interviewer assesses you, you should also be assessing them. Do they seem accommodating, supportive? How much time are you getting to accept the offer? Do they allow for internal transfers? How are onsite or secondment opportunities given?
  3. Ethical standards – How much emphasis is given to ethics. What privileged information about your ex-company is being asked about? How are their processes? Do their employees and customers swear by ethics? Do they have a code of conduct? Do they have an established POSH policy?
  4. The Role – Is the company clear on your roles and responsibilities or your KPI’s, where do you fit into the hierarchy? Are your job-level and designation agreed and do you understand their organization structure and promotion policy?
  5. The expectations – You must work out exactly what their expectations are and reach an understanding.
  6. Learning and Development – Do they give importance to employees learning and development? Do they have an internal team or external tie-ups for this? Do they support higher education or certifications?
  7. Salary and other benefits – How is the salary structured and what is the gross and net (take home) salary? Is there a fixed or variable portion? What are the PF and Gratuity policy? Do you fit into their existing salary scale or is there a gap or adjustment that needs to be filled with a salary correction later on? What is their appraisal process and period? What benefits apply to your level? Don’t be shy to negotiate your salary if you feel underpaid.
  8. Probation – What is the probation period and policy? What happens if one does not clear probation in the first instance?
  9. Notice period – What is the notice period policy? Will you get your salary during your notice period or at the end of it? Will you get your variable pay during your notice period or at the end of it? Is there a buyout option for the notice period? Is the notice period applicable upon termination? Is there a severance pay applicable upon redundancy?
  10. Commute, flexibility, leave – Assess the commute time and be comfortable with it. Know their leave policy. Ask if they have a WFH policy?

Pay attention to your gut instinct, it’s many times correct. Prioritize what’s important to you and then negotiate the offer both monetarily and otherwise accordingly.

Do your Due Diligence as they do their background check on you!

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