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Create Trust While Applying and Interviewing for a Job

Human minds are a mystery, which once cracked will enable smooth sailing.

Out of the other things that humans seek, ‘Trust’ is the foundation and tops the charts, so how to do you create and establish trust both with the recruiter and  with the interview panel while interviewing?

Here are some tips for you, candidates seeking jobs:

  1. Don’t oversell yourself in your resume or cover letter.
  2. Yes, your resume must align your skills to what the recruiter is looking for, but don’t fib, be honest.
  3. Ensure your resume on all the online job portals and social media are in line and speak the same story.
  4. Timely and thorough follow up is the key for the recruiter to know your interest.
  5. Add a personal touch by stating the company name and adding how your experience can benefit them.
  6. Be transparent with your expectations.
  7. Ask for a feedback even if you are rejected.

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