How to show your growth and progression on your Résumé!

Did you know that one of the main reasons job seekers land interviews isn’t because how good of a match their skills are with a particular position or education they obtained but because their career to-date shows clear progression? It’s true.

Recruiters and hiring managers want to see growth on your résumé.

Growth doesn’t mean only increment or designation changes, it means more than promotions, you can showcase added responsibilities such as:

? A Larger and more diverse team given to handle

? Multiple complex additional projects that were sent to your bucket

? More geographies that came under your wings

? Additional business units that were added to your portfolio.

? Increased key accounts or clientele that were added to your responsibilities.

? Bigger budget projects that were given to you to handle.

Experience is one thing, but if you’ve stayed in the same role for the past many years without moving up, most hiring managers are going to want to know why. No career growth = a major red flag. Being promoted or taking on different roles at the same company shows that you’re capable of professional development.

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