Engrossing the reader of your resume!

Have you wondered how you can create a resume that is so compelling and relevant to the reader that it strikes the chord with an impact?

Well, there are two proven tricks for doing exactly that:

1. Use storytelling and apply it strategically on your resume.

☑️I don’t mean that you must fib or use fiction here instead write to make yourself alive on paper by telling a relatable and authentic story creating an instant connection with your reader.

☑️ Make use of words that relate to the job description, which will intrigue the reader

☑️Add credibility to your accomplishments with metrics, and finally

☑️ Evoke a desire in your reader to meet you and learn more.

 2. Make sure that your resume is about the employer and the employer’s needs.

☑️Remember, your resume isn’t about how dedicated, hardworking & loyal you are. It isn’t about vanity.

☑️ Remove the emphasis on self-promotion to engage the reader

☑️Use an engaging narrative that shows the reader exactly how your skills can be of service to them.

☑️Tailoring your employment history, to only highlight the skills that the potential employer needs will help.

☑️ Mirroring the language and keywords used on your resume with those on the job description.

☑️ Focus on the value you can bring to the job role applying will surely help.

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