Badly drafted or no cover letters can get your job application rejected!

In my earlier career as an HR, I have witnessed job applications with just a resume attached in the email, no subject, no cover letter or with just a generic line please see attached or applying of a job etc.

What happens when a recruiter reads it, it right-off looks offensive, shows lack of penchant for the job or purely a sluggish approach. Such applications more often than not are ignored or binned.

Another aspect is if your cover letter is not professionally drafted it can lead to misreading the email tone.

It leads to the recruiter thinking what did you really want to say? what did you hold back on? Reading or misreading an application’s intentions is amplified especially since:

?They don’t know you at all.

?There is a power imbalance. For instance, a recruiter and you a job applicant.

?You are being judged from the first moment as that’s what recruiters get paid for.

?Your cover letter message is ambiguous or even worse, passively loaded.

If you read about the ‘Tappers Experiment’ by psychologist Elizabeth Newton from 1990, it reveals no matter how common the cover letter intentions are if not conveyed correctly it can be misread.

So the next time you are applying for a job, think and rethink oh how important it is that your craft a professional cover letter with personalisation &  customisation while applying.

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