Exhibit your Present & Future Potential on your Résumé!

When recruiters and potential employers evaluate you for a job they don’t just want to know what you are capable of doing right now but, they will also assess you to know whether you have the potential to upskill and evolve in the future job role. So, how can you demonstrate to the reader of your resume that you are ambitious and have an upwardly mobile career plan on your resume? Read on to learn and adapt:

? Articulate your ambition and future plans in your resume’s executive profile/summary, linking back to the job in question and opportunities you feel you would gain from it.

? With each entry in your employment history, demonstrate how you have progressed in your career. For instance, each achievement you add to each entry in your employment history, if you can, make the next better, and remember to quantify them.

? Evidence your commitment to continuous upskilling by emphasizing the skills section of your resume, and weaving the soft skills with your work history. Also, ensure your qualifications are up-to-date and include dates of completion so you can clearly demonstrate your commitment over time.

? Don’t try to gloss over any career breaks you’ve had. Instead, outline how you used that time to generate value in different areas of your life and built your skillset.

By doing the above, you are essentially indicating to the reader that you would be a good investment both now and in the future.

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