Your resume is your very own marketing document and the language used matters. While marketing your abilities, language isn’t just a means of communication, it’s also one of your first chances to leave a lasting impression.

Put yourself in the shoes of a busy Recruiter, who reads hundreds, even thousands, of resumes every day and every single one of them sounds the same…Responsible for, Managed, Handled, Critical Thinker, Team Player, etc.

They are bound to see these words on just about every single resume and guess what, these resumes do not catch their attention.

Here are some reasons why language plays an important role while presenting your resume:

🌟 Our language is our first brand ambassador; it is the way in which we represent ourselves. This is how we let people know what we’re all about, what we provide, and what our priorities and potentials are.

🌟 Words have the power to include or alienate, the last thing you want your resume to do is to exclude an entire sector, so be careful with industry-relevant keywords and other limiting terms.

🌟 Nobody likes to be confused and most people like resumes that are simple and to the point, not full of jargon, and hard to understand. If someone feels intimidated by your wording, they are probably not going to call you for an interview to ask questions, so shed the overly flashy, fluff-filled, and overtly technical language.

🌟 Keywords are used not only to paint a mental picture but also to ensure you pass the ATS.

🌟 Using Power Words and Action Verbs not only makes your resume stand out, but they also allow you to highlight your achievements. Choosing the right words is essential to describing what you have done and persuading potential employers to interview you.

🌟 Writers are called wordsmiths for a reason, after all. A good resume writer uses keywords and language to create descriptions that can conjure up vivid images & business outcomes in recruiters’ minds, helping them visualize why you are important to be interviewed.

🌟 Last but not least it is important to speak to the potential employers in their own language as relevant to the job role and industry.

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