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With my experience as a resume writer, I know that using persuasive, succinct language, shortened, and easy-to-read sentences, can be beneficial to your job search. Persuasive resume language certainly will help you catch the attention of hiring managers and increase your chances of landing an interview. Remember that this piece of paper/e-paper has a strong influence on your career choices bringing you one step closer to your dream role, company or industry.

Here are some of them:

➡️Sell yourself on accomplishments. Rather than simply listing your job duties, focus on the accomplishments and results you achieved in each past role. Use specific examples to illustrate your impact and show potential employers what you’re capable of. By emphasizing your strengths and unique selling points, you can make a convincing case for why you are the right candidate.

Example: Catapulted sales by 15% in Q3 by implementing a marketing strategy that targeted key demographic.

➡️Add credibility by quantifying your achievements. Use numbers and metrics whenever possible to quantify your achievements. This can help make your accomplishments more concrete and impressive. Your statements become more trustworthy and justifiable when they are based on measurable achievements.

Example: Fixed 10+ process gaps to boost productivity by 25% over six months.

➡️Engage your audience with the use of active language. Use active language and strong action verbs to make your statements more compelling and dynamic. Avoid using passive voice, which can make your statements sound weaker and less impactful.

Example: Directed a team of developers to launch a new app that generated $500,000 in revenue within the first year.

➡️Be specific and match your statements to the job posting. Focus on the skills and experience that are most relevant to the role and highlight how your past accomplishments have prepared you for this new opportunity. But remember to avoid using jargon or technical terms that the average reader may not understand. Use simple, easy-to-read language that is clear and concise.

Example: Conceptualised an impactful social media campaign reaching over 1 million users and driving engagement by 20%.

Excited to bring my skills in digital marketing to the role of Marketing Manager at XYZ Company.

People who recruit are extremely busy, and they can’t read long and complex resumes. Make sure your resume is concise and to the point by using short and easy-to-read sentences that is more impactful and compelling.

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