leadership traits


You have leadership traits…

You’re ready to ace the interview…

You’ve practiced your elevator pitch…

You’ve memorized the job description…

You’ve dressed well and reached on time…

You’re feeling cool, calm, and collected….

All this until the interviewer begins with the dreaded, “Tell me about a time when…”

Suddenly your mouth turns dry, your mind is blank, and you have a mental panic attack.

Oh why didn’t you prepare for these kinds of questions?

Here are 6 leadership traits that you can use to prepare for your “tell me about a time when …” story:


A true leader is one who has influence, nothing else matters. To lead, you must be able to influence others. Influence isn’t just about power; it is also about inspiring trust and respect. Those who can do this, who can inspire others to follow them, are true leaders.

➡️Planner & Navigator

It takes a leader to chart the course of the ship. A good leader stays focused, and is better off controlling his or her direction rather than being controlled by it. Before making a commitment, good leaders examine the conditions. A well-prepared leader conveys confidence and trust to others, while an unprepared leader conveys the opposite.

➡️Respectful & Trustworthy

People naturally follow leaders stronger than themselves & based on their calibre. The reputation of a leader determines how much respect they command. Trust is the foundation of leadership. It is impossible for leaders to lose trust and still influence others.

➡️Forecaster & Intuition

A leader evaluates everything with a keen eye. Leaders often make decisions based on intuition as much as facts, which often differentiates great ones from merely good ones. Who you are dictates what you see. The ability to step back and see not only where the organization has been, but also where it is going is a key characteristic of leaders


A leader understands that activity doesn’t necessarily result in accomplishment. A leader’s first responsibility is to define reality. They believe that your effort will yield an 80% return if you focus on activities that rank in the top 20% of importance.


To add growth, you must lead followers, and in order to multiply, you must lead leaders. Developing leaders requires a different focus & attitude than simply attracting & leading followers. Growth & return are higher when you invest more in people & do it for a longer period of time.


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