No matter which industry you’ve set your professional sights on, writing an accomplishment-based and quantified resume can be tricky.

Try using the Challenge-Actions-Results (CAR) approach for ways to effectively present your achievements with metrics to hiring managers. Here are examples to help you get kick-started:

❎Create queries using SQL to integrate company X’s CRM database and historical selling results by SKU.

✅Designed new SQL queries identifying bottlenecks and tracking of specific SKUs, reducing average “go-live” cycle by 57% within 5 months of implementation.

❎Management of clinical study operations across Russia and Ukraine by specific project deliverables (timelines, recruitment rate, resources).

✅Achieved 100% of enrolment target from 19 to 56 subjects in 8 months, resulting in project completion 4 months ahead of schedule.

❎Responsible for smooth operations and governance for Business Process Management (BPM) application platforms.

✅Realized 8% budget saving and 11% increase in client satisfaction by overhauling & regulating operations based on ITIL framework for 3 Business Process Management (BPM) application platforms.

❎ Conducted customer satisfaction surveys periodically.

✅Delivered an 11% increase in C-Sat scores by designing and implementing feedback from surveys to identify improvement opportunities and coordinate system enhancements.

❎ Working on managing IT assets in the entire APAC region.

✅Devised & led a program to optimize IT assets in the APAC region delivering INR 100K+ in savings.

❎Working for 10 months on an e-commerce platform.

✅ Reengineered 10+ e-commerce platform operations to gain a productivity increase of 10%.

✍?I can help you create an accomplishment-based & quantified resume, cover letter & LinkedIn profile that resonates with your target role.

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