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In response to the growing demand for consulting services, leading Management Consulting firms such as The Big Three (MBB- McKinsey , Boston & Bain) and The Big 4 (Deloitte, Ernst & Young (EY), KPMG, and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)) are hiring entry-level and experienced candidates all through the year. Consulting demand is at its peak in 2023, so knowing what it is or how to get into it is essential as well as building a strong Management Consultant resume.

By providing expert advice to address problems and encourage growth, business strategy or management consultants help businesses improve performance. It’s all about NUMBERS & DATA.

Remember, initial sourcing is done by either a junior or a system BOT. This post explains how to write an engaging Management Consultant or Business Strategy Consultant resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter, and general need-to-know career tips.

➡️The career path usually pans out as Interns to Analysts to Associates to Project Managers to Partners/ Heads or Directors of a specialised vertical. So if you are getting in as an intern focus your resume on your research abilities, commercial acumen, market trends and analytical skills. But if you are an experienced person focus your resume on past wins, numbers, growth stories and your ability to network, manage and influence senior stakeholders.

➡️For corporate veterans entering management consulting, make sure your summary statement highlights your impressive past experience and with numbered wins to prove you hold the keys to the target role’s success. Write a clear objective for changing gears in your career.

➡️Know what consulting firms look for on your resume. Candidates’ qualifications and accomplishments matter more to them than snazzy formats. It matters what brands you represent, what schools you attended, and who you worked for. They pay attention to academic performance, so include your GPA

➡️Your career experience, along with your achievements during each position, is important to consulting firms. Basically, these firms evaluate your career based on how long it lasted and how much you achieved during that time.

➡️For 10+ year experience, keep the resume to two pages max else stick to one page. The key is how well you condense your information without leaving out any details while presenting yourself on a resume.

➡️Starting sentences with the right word choice and action verbs are critical because you have only seconds to catch a resume screener’s attention.

➡️Multiple language skills may be an asset to a firm targeting a specific market. Being fluent in more than one language can set you apart from other candidates in today’s global consulting market.

➡️Data drives the consulting industry. Your skillset can be marketed by numbers, quantities, and similar information. Present your accomplishments in your professional career using quantified data to build credibility.

➡️Finally, make sure you proofread your resume multiple times to avoid making silly mistakes. Spelling errors come across as unprofessional and leadership, communication, and teamwork all play a major role in consulting. Don’t overlook your soft skills.

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