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Your resume must catch the attention of the reader within the first 15 seconds, or it risks being ignored. Readability of your resume is one key component of how easily and quickly it can be grasped by the reader without losing interest. And having a consistent layout is key to the readability of your resume when formatting it. No matter how qualified you are, if you don’t have an easy-to-read resume when applying for a job, you risk being overlooked.

It’s time to rethink your resume format and here are 10 ways you can enhance the readability of your resume.

 ➡️Heavy blocks of text or unorganized information can waste those vital seconds that determine whether or not your resume will be considered.

➡️Candidates are usually shortlisted by juniors who match keywords and other set parameters. Juniors tend to consume information quickly, in short bursts, and with simple formatting and tailored content.

➡️Eliminate paragraphs from your resume, and bullet point the challenge, your response, and your results for easy understanding.

➡️Use bold and italic typefaces to highlight key aspects of your resume to visually direct the reader. It also helps slow the speed of reading to prevent skimming through your information.

➡️Differentiate the sections of the resume using common labels rather than fancy label names. (i.e., using ‘education’ instead of ‘academia’)

➡️Use a simple MS Word resume with impactful written content instead of a visual resume. It is impossible for an ATS machine to read and scan a resume that contains graphics, tables, images etc.

➡️The rule that says numbers should be spelled out before 10 doesn’t apply to resumes. Numbers not only quantify your results, but also grab the reader’s attention immediately.

➡️Separate bullet points with white space. To make your information easier to digest, bullet points visually separate text. A list of bullet points without white space looks like a block of text. Use margins.

➡️Cut out the fluff words like hardworking, dedicated, team players, etc., and add relevant & tailored content with core skills as keywords.

➡️Avoid snazzy fonts and keep it simple. It is critical that your resume does not cause eye strain and demotivate the reader.

➡️Don’t exceed one line per bullet point. Bullet points are a quick way to convey a lot of information and you’re probably giving too much information if your bullets exceed two lines.

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