As more and more companies recruit virtual employees, the number of remote job opportunities has boomed.

It offers fewer distractions, enhanced flexibility, and no commute. However, working outside an office comes with its own challenges, including loneliness, difficulty collaborating, and the struggle to set healthy work-life boundaries.

 Remote work requires focus, discipline, and strong communication, and not everyone is cut out for it. Thus, potential employers might assess your ability to work remotely as a critical skill before shortlisting you.

Cabinet your remote working abilities on your resume using these methods:

➡️Identify yourself as a remote candidate on your resume

➡️Write a resume summary that highlights your remote work experience.

➡️Set your intent clearly by bolding the word “Remote”

➡️Mention your willingness to work remotely in the location section.

➡️Create a separate section for your remote work experience.

➡️Describe your remote work experience explicitly in your work history.

➡️Include remote working skills in your skills section.

➡️Your resume, cover letter, and application should highlight your interest in remote work.

➡️List remote in place of the company’s location if you’ve held remote jobs before.

➡️Describe your technical and soft skills that make you an effective remote worker.

➡️Even if you haven’t worked remotely, sprinkle remote working skills into your past job experience.

➡️Prove that you’ll be a successful remote worker by highlighting onsite, client deputations etc.

➡️Demonstrate strong digital communication skills and a solid understanding of technology to collaborate.

➡️Add credibility with quantitative examples (numbers, percentages, and dollar amounts).

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