Give your Resume a Credibility Boost by adding Key Projects, correctly!

A sure-shot way to fill in the Credibility Gap on your resume is by displaying the Key Projects you have undertaken professionally, academically, or personally. It helps add more meal to your plain vanilla approach to building a resume. 

However not many know the art of how to list projects and here are some simple & effective methods:

?NO LENGTHY PARAGRAPHS, break down the project highlights to what the recruiter wants to see.

?USE REVERSE CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER, to give it a logical structure to have grown from basic to a more complex project.

?USE A SEPARATE PROJECT SECTION, and avoid mixing it with your work experience.

?NUMBER THE PROJECTS, so it becomes easy for the recruiter to get a count.

?USE ACTION VERBS, which shoots up the impact the sentence has on the recruiter.

?WRITE THE OUTCOME, don’t just mention the title write the results achieved

?QUANTIFY IT, try adding metrics where ever you can.

?USE THE RIGHT TENSE, present for ongoing and past for what’s already completed.

?USE A STRUCTURED APPROACH:  let there be a flow for example Project # 1; Client Name; Title; Project Value; Technology Used; Team Size; Scope of Work; Current Status; Project Highlights; Outcome

Describing projects in your resume establishes you as knowledgeable in the eyes of the employer. It also helps them categorize you into a particular skill set easily.

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