Fun Facts – According to recent research by The Predictive Index

“48% of employees have thought about changing careers within the past 12 months” ……….that’s nearly one in every two respondents.

Here is the rest of the list from their biggest findings:
1. 79% of people “feel comfortable” working in-person post-COVID.
2. 63% of those with a bad manager are thinking of leaving their company within the next 12 months.
3. 70% of employees with bad managers say team members are thinking about leaving.
4. Burnout is impacting managers and their teams alike.
5. Individual contributors are the least engaged.
6. Teams are far more likely to feel burned out when their managers do.

7. 58% of employees with a burned-out manager are considering quitting.
8. Good managers address disengagement by leading by example.
9. 46% of companies are adopting fully remote or hybrid work models moving forward.
10. There’s a disconnect between how people currently work and how they want to work.
11. The tech industry is most likely to adopt a permanent remote/hybrid model; the education industry is the least.
12. 68% of companies have or plan to have some hybrid teams moving forward.
13. The No. 1 skill employees value from their managers is confidence.
14. The No. 1 skill employees feel their managers lack is communication.
15. The lack of communication is even more pronounced among respondents with burned-out managers.
16. Employees with good managers are more likely to say their company is helping them adjust to change.
17. 73% of companies are currently hiring.
18. The transportation industry is hiring the most; sports and entertainment is hiring the least.
19. Good managers utilize personality or behavioral assessments with greater frequency than bad managers.

Something to reflect upon!

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