This is the final step to your job search strategy with a quick recap of my preceding posts

STEP 1 use the 80/20 rule to find jobs

STEP 2 interview yourself

STEP 3 sharpen & polish your Resume, CL, and LI Profile


STEP 4 (FINAL STEP) is actually customizing & personalizing these documents to the target job role/industry you are applying to

Here is why and how you need to do it:

🎯 Keywords are important recruiters will simply CTRL+F to find them.

🎯 Don’t simply list your skills, instead write out how you used this skill/tool/methodology.

🎯 Be honest & transparent about your education. Use it as a highlight only if it’s from a Tier 1 institute and/or you have managed a good score.

🎯 Raise the education section to the top if you are a fresher or a junior. If experienced bring your work experience on top.

🎯 Consider highlighting your transferable skills, upskills, and certifications for the new role if you are changing career paths.

🎯 A job title is a sign of progress and seniority, and if it’s the same at two different companies, it begins to demonstrate your capability.

🎯 If it moves up the hierarchy, it shows your capability to grow in the role.

🎯 If necessary, edit your past and current job titles if necessary to provide a meaningful and purposeful story.

🎯 List your previous employers and tenure in that role consistently.

🎯 Highlight multiple roles within the same company on your resume.

🎯 It is more likely that you will be interviewed if you apply as soon as possible.

🎯 Do not apply for too many jobs at one company in a one-time frame.

🎯Change your location on job portals, such as LinkedIn, to the location you wish to work.

🎯 Personalize your messages when you reach out to recruiters and employers of choice.

🎯 Remember, referrals are the best and easiest way to break into a top-tier company.

🎯 Not all referrals are created equal, choose who refers you carefully.

🎯 Apply TL;DR ( too long; didn’t read) to increase your chances of response with a quick elevator pitch.

🎯 Remember, the first bullet point in your first job should match up with the most important bullet point in the “Job Duties” section of a job description.

🎯 Choose a handful (4–5) of relevant skills to emphasize (and to bold on your resume) based on the job description.

This is the final part 5/5 of the series stay tuned and follow me to learn more.

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