In this current competitive job market, it’s important for candidates, especially new graduates, to have a resume that’s not only eye-catching but also well-structured to up the readability quotient of the recruiter.

Here is a basic structure to follow if you are a recent graduate:

🔼 Contact with the headline: List your name & contact, headline matching the roles you want to apply for.

🔼 Summary: Snapshot of your educational background, certifications, and credentials to enable the recruiter to understand your fitment quickly. Add a clear objective as to what roles you are keen on.

🔼 Skills: List the hard skills & technical abilities. Do not list soft skills that have to be demonstrated in your experience statements.

🔼 Education: Name your institution, university, location, and year of passing along with your GPA/ percentage. Include any upskilling workshops, training, and certifications.

🔼 Internship Experience:  Add only those that are relevant to the direction you want to go. Add outcomes of the work you did at the internship.

🔼 Projects: List any relevant projects that you did, technology, methodology used, and the use case or outcome of these projects

🔼 Volunteer Work: Extracurricular activities that have contributed to your professional success and overall personality growth.

Always remember that your resume is a strategic marketing tool, not a list of everything you’ve done.

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