Aside from the format difference, these 2 documents are very different from each other, and jobseekers usually end up copying and pasting each other.  Here are a few key differences:

📜Cover letters describe what you hope to accomplish with your existing transferable skills, whereas, your resume, describes your years of experience and places you’ve been working.

📜Cover letters act as a bridge between the past and the future that explains what you hope to achieve next, whereas, a resume is a document that contains facts and figures about your qualifications, experience & skills.

📜Cover letters highlight why you want to apply & exactly how your background makes you an ideal candidate for this role, whereas, a resume provides a concise, neatly formatted overview of your notable accomplishments.

📜Cover letters are structured like a formal letter, with an introduction, letter body & closing paragraph whereas a resume has distinctly labeled sections that list your attributes.

📜Cover letters are often necessary, but sometimes optional depending  on the job, whereas, Resumes are a mandatory requirement when you apply for work, while, cover

📜Cover letters have tones that vary depending on the job, with some personality making sure that personality matches the formality of your target company and industry, however, the tone of a resume is objective and neutral.

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