LinkedIn hacks to signal recruiters


LinkedIn is an immensely valuable platform for jobseekers due to its primary focus on professional networking and career development. Here are some LinkedIn Hacks to signal recruiters about your interest in a specific company of your choice.

💁 Client: Google has long been my dream company. I’m very interested in joining the company. How do I get an interview at Google?

✅ Me: Sure, I can help you with that. And here’s what you need to do using your LinkedIn account:

➡️If you have any Google connections, ask them about employee hiring referrals.

➡️If you don’t have direct connections, reach out to 2nd connections with the help of 1st connections.

➡️If you don’t have any 2nd connections, build your network and add some new connections.

💁Client: I have done all this, but no luck 🙁

✅Me: Okay, let me give you 2 more hacks to help you signal recruiters that you are interested.

Click on to the Google company’s LinkedIn page and:

➡️Create a job alert with the desired designation and location and submit it. When Google has a similar opening, you will be notified immediately so you can reach out to the job poster or be one of the first few applicants. To do this search for Google on the LinkedIn homepage. On the page, click the Jobs tab on the left. Click Create job alert. Complete the required fields and click Create job alert.

➡️Use the ‘I’m interested’ button, to privately express interest in working at Google without having to apply for a specific role. This feature is on Google’s about page under overview section. Recruiters on Google can view your profile once you signal your interest. Recruiters can share your profile with others on Google’s hiring team, but this information isn’t shared publicly on LinkedIn’s newsfeed, with your connections, or with other companies. Your signalled interest will only be visible to Google recruiters. Recruiters outside of Google will not be able to see it. Remember to refresh this often as it expires in a few months.

Put these two LinkedIn hacks to signal recruiters

to work on as many companies of your choice to signal recruiters. Follow these companies to demonstrate your keen interest in being interviewed.

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