An outcome-oriented resume focuses on quantitative accomplishments, rather than vague tasks that are unaccompanied by credible statements.

Employers are trying to solve an organization’s problem and are looking for talent who can help in carrying out certain tasks.  So when reviewing your resume, the recruiter looks for clear evidence of how you are the talent that can resolve their company’s challenges.

An excellent way to emphasize this would be to:

❎ Don’t simply list your duties.

✅Consider the value you brought to each role.

❎ Don’t state your responsibilities.

✅ Share the problems/ challenges you were presented with, the actions you took, and the results you delivered.

❎ Don’t just list your strengths and accomplishments

✅ Instead narrate them with the action that you took & outcome achieved.

❎ Don’t write successfully completed ‘xx’ projects.

✅ Consider your biggest standout achievement for each project, no matter how big or small, and focus on the impact it had on the business.

❎ Don’t write I handled ‘xx’ processes

✅ Communicate the quantifiable value/number you contributed to entries in your employment history.

❎ Don’t write I managed ‘xx’ team members

✅ Write what value your leading & mentoring this team brought to the business.

❎ Don’t write outcomes by quantifying them

✅ It is important to remember that the reader wants to know what you can do and needs to see concrete evidence.

❎ Don’t write troubleshoot and maintain ‘xx’ tasks.

✅ Make sure the reader sees your value by using strong self-descriptive action verbs that highlight what you did and the results you delivered in each role.

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