As a change management professional, you are the bridge between a business thriving or failing in an ever-evolving market. Your role often involves a lot of moving parts, including different people, systems, technologies, and goals.

Listing change management on your resume skills section may help you pass the ATS bot. However, eventually, when a human reads your resume you would be in a better position of being shortlisted if you demonstrate your ability rather than just listing it. Here are some example statements:

? Showcase ‘Communication’ in Change Management – Networked with global stakeholders to bring in agreement benefits with 3 product features implementation.

?Showcase ‘Active Listening’ in Change Management with – Slashed 10% errors in the application by interviewing key stakeholders and consumers of the platform.

?Showcase ‘Research’ in Change Management with – Ran a study on 100 competitors to identify the unique value they offer their customers and implement actionable insights.

?Showcase ‘Strategic Thinking’ in Change Management with – Devised and implemented change management strategies in the growth of US and EMEA markets.

?Showcase ‘Leadership’ in Change Management with – Led the merger and assimilation of 2000+ members into the organisations culture, processes, compensation, and benefits.

?Showcase ‘Measurement and Analysis’ in Change Management with – Examined gaps in employee understanding of business key metrics (OKRs), conducted awareness sessions to increase it by 25%.

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