How to condense information and shorten resumes!

If you have read my earlier post about Resume Length, you will logically ask me how should I now condense all that information and make a one or two pages resume as suggested.

Here are some tricks and tips to help you condense your resume and demark sections.

Use MS word – Although the internet has various templates and software which are built for resume writing they all have limitations on customization and downloading.

List relevant info – You don’t need to add house or street number, just the city and country should suffice. Companies don’t need to see your date of birth, gender, marital status, nationality, religion, father’s name, mother name, etc. this is anyway against their anti-discrimination policy.

Drop out generic skills– Skills like MS Office, Outlook, ZOOM, is naturally expected out of everyone. Be specific in your skills and highlight functional skills.

Drop too much of fluff – While it’s ok to use one adjective to describe there is no need to say motivated, diligent, dedicated, and hardworking, it simply sounds fake.

Be direct – Don’t write generic summaries, highlight and customize it to your target sector or role.

Cut listing your day to day activities – Don’t describe your job role, instead quantify it and show accomplishments.

Use columns – Divide your resume into two or more columns that neatly segregate sections and colour code them if needed.

Increase margins – you can play with the margins of MS Word for getting more space.

Use bullets – Using bullets is easier to navigate than long winding paragraphs.

Consolidate education and certifications – Highlight without getting into details example Degree | Sub | University | Location | GPA | Year. Add GPA only if looks great.

Use external links – to showcase your projects, achievements, etc. Technical candidates may use GitHub, creative candidates may use Behance or Dribble, to list their projects and add a link to their resume. Others use their own professional blog that showcases their knowledge. Some CXO level candidates even build their own personal website that adds to their personal brand.

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