Fear of Long-Term Goals!

Here is something interesting I chanced upon:

Not only are our long-term goals psychologically taxing to think about, but they’re also scary.

Fear of long-term goals can be broken down into three categories:

Fear of starting: We put so much pressure on our long-term goals that we feel the need to wait until ‘the perfect moment’ or when ‘we’ve got it all figured out’. But these moments don’t exist and are just another form of procrastination.

Fear of failing: Other people often define us by our achievements. And while we’d love to be the kind of people that hit big goals, there’s always that nagging thought of what other people will think if we fail? How will they judge us?

Fear of success: Paradoxically, hitting your long-term goals can be just as terrifying as failing. Our brains have evolved to save energy by avoiding change. And success in your long-term goals will come with drastic changes to your life and who you are as a person.

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