Application Tracking Systems (ATS) Explained!

An important parameter that Job seekers need to be aware of in today’s job market while applying for jobs, is about the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

It is a software that companies use to manage and ease the entire hiring process and this system collects, scans, and ranks all of the applications. 

For example, when you click to apply you are sometimes taken into an external application system that creates a login for you and asks you to apply via various questions and finally asks you to attach your resume. Sometimes resumes that you send on email ID’s go into the resume parsing system, where your resume is broken down into sections and auto-filled into the ATS.

So basically the ATS acts as a filter and ranks you against the job.

Initially, ATS was created for bigger companies, and as you see all large companies use ATS because they receive a huge number of applications every day.

But today, companies of all sizes use ATS and ATS is also now being developed by various companies and have become affordable and accessible to smaller setups as well.

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