However impressive your career journey has been, you must still answer the paradoxical question: “What are your weaknesses? and when you’re interviewing for a leadership position, the answer is especially critical.

The question may be one of the most common in interviews, and it’s easy to provide a canned, equally expected response, but for savvy executives, it can be a way to win the job

The best way to avoid wasting your time in the wrong job is to be candid about your true shortcomings as a leader. Phony answers are also easy to spot. Authentic responses show interviewers that you’re self-aware, honest, and confident.

Here are some simple guidelines to show you how to do it right:

💪 Place them in a manner that weaknesses are offset by your successes.,

💪 Quickly place your weaknesses on the table and refocus the conversation on your strengths instead.

💪 Talk specifically about key weaknesses that are relevant to the target job.

💪 Tick them off on your fingers without any justifying or rationalizing.

💪 Don’t sound defensive and conceal your weakness, own them confidently.

💪 Demonstrate a conscious and ongoing commitment to mitigating weaknesses.

💪 Show what steps you are mindfully taking to prevent your weakness from creating issues.

💪 Speak about the superpowers you use to overcome your deficiencies.

💪 Describe how you partnered & leveraged your colleagues’ strengths to fill in your weaknesses.

💪 Issues in learning curves should never be talked about as a weakness.

💪 Don’t ever claim to have conquered all your weaknesses.

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