One common question that leaders get asked all the time is “How would you describe your leadership communication style?”

To answer this a bit of self-reflection along with strategy is required. Self r-reflection will show you the mirror, so that you can understand and explain yourself better, whereas, the strategy will help you align your style with the most needed industry or job market needs.

Here are 4 distinctive leadership communication styles to reflect and strategise upon:

🗣 Intuitive communicators are unemotional and freeform. They want bottom-line communications that are short and to the point and that don’t waste their time.

🗣 Analytical communicators are unemotional but linear. They want confident communications that convey expertise including hard facts and numbers.

🗣 Functional communicators are emotional and linear. They like to have control of the process, so give them process-oriented and linear communications that start at A, and then flow from B to C and all the way to Z.

🗣 Personal communicators are emotional and freeform. They want to establish an interpersonal relationship. Use emotional language in an informal, friendly, and warm way that gets them involved in talking about factors including who else will be involved and how what you’re asking them to do will impact their feelings

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