Remember that resume writing is a collaborative and personalised service that cannot be automated by AI, online resume builders or even ChatGPT.

  1. Despite their visual appeal, online resumes are not ATS-friendly due to their complex formatting.
  2. Resumes written by online builders are targeted at jobseekers’ satisfaction and not potential employers’ needs.
  3. Due to pre-defined looks and styles, you will have less flexibility to determine & customise sections.
  4. Most resume-building sites provide you with a PDF copy, so you cannot make further changes or scale it up.
  5. There will be no human on hand to help you articulate your skills and accomplishments across your career journey.
  6. Online resume builders do not offer personalized advice or suggestions. 
  7. It is challenging to customize resumes for target roles using an online resume builder.
  8. You use a template that is used by thousands of job seekers and losing on standing out.
  9. Online resume builders’ templates maybe free but the output is not customised, personalised, or optimised.
  10. Online resume builders get you a template and no assistance with content, especially when it comes to using numbers to highlight your accomplishments.
  11. Online Resume builders do not follow country specific best practices & formats.

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