2020, turned companies into hiring freezes and job losses.

2021, the later part opened up the job market with a hiring spree with the economy reopening.

2022 is seeing an influx of companies announcing layoffs, job freezing and downsizing.

While this cycle is inevitable and is surely not in our specific control, let’s look at what we can control and act upon as job seekers who are job ready in all kinds of job markets including recession.

Here’s how you can thrive as a candidate:

🥏 Up your ability to write well and speak intelligently and communicate clearly and efficiently.

🥏 Know your transferable skills and your unique, differential advantage.

🥏 Find true job security by specialising & upskilling in upcoming & niche domains.

🥏 Maintain a master document of your quantifiable & measurable benefits accomplished in the past.

🥏 Identify the skills that you hone and their marketability.

🥏 Immediately begin to prepare your Career Communication Documents ( Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile)

🥏 Refresh & your LinkedIn profile capturing all of your upskilling, certificates and accomplishments.

🥏 Maintain a complete and robust portfolio of work online.

🥏 Optimise your LinkedIn profile so that you become search friendly and appear in recruiters’ search

🥏 Get visible amongst your peers and industry stalwarts by posting relevant content periodically.

🥏 Stay up with trends by attending industry forums, workshops, seminars, webinars etc in your domain.

🥏 Join LinkedIn & other relevant groups and participate.

🥏 Network. Network. Network.

🥏 And finally, stop sulking & embrace the change you can’t stop the tide from rolling in.

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